This year marks twenty-three years in the making for Tapped Out Small Batch maple syrup. My mom first introduced me to making maple syrup when I was five years old. Before tapping each tree we would ask the tree for permission to take some of it’s sap. This garnered a strong connection between myself and the maple trees that are still providing me with maple sap to this day. That first year we hung mason jars around spiles, and I eagerly waited for the sap to slowly drip from the trees. We cooked the sap in a small pan over an open fire outside. As I stood and watched the sap boil I had no clue that it was the beginning of what would become Tapped Out Small Batch maple syrup. Twenty-three years later I still cook it the same way. This creates a taste unlike any other maple syrup available, and is why my maple syrup has a cult like following around the world. My cooking process is extremely labour intensive, involving a nightly routine of stoking the fires to keep them burning twenty-four hours a day. It’s in this madness that the flavours of the Tapped Out Small Batch are born.