2023 Hygienic Queen Bee - Pick up June 23/24

The Graeme Foers Co.

All of our queens are bread from our best hygienic stock and our emerging Low Varroa Growth Stock.

We test our stock in our northern bee yards to ensure they are durable in our Canadian winters. We then bring them down to our home meadow and graft and mate them here. All of our queens are bread for Hygienic and LVG traits firstly followed by honey production and Gentleness. 

Using hygienic bees helps to combat brood related disease like Chalk Brood, AFB, EFB, Sacbrood and other brood based diseases. We have been testing our bees for Low Varroa Growth for three years and have begun to find some stock expressing the traits. We are now grafting from stock that is not only a group 1 hygienic queen but also the best scores in our LVG testing. 

All of our queens are sold marked in a cage with candy plug. 

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