"It starts with traditon, from there it's a labour of love."

Since the age of five, I have been making maple syrup in the very same forest that the Tapped Out Small Batch is created in today. 

created by fire

Cooked in the woods over an open fire, there is nothing easy in this cooking process. There are no doors, there is no roof and there is darkness; the maple syrup is at the mercy of mother nature. This is part of what makes the flavours of the tapped out small batch so unique.

no reverse osmosis, no vacuum lines.

Every drop of sap that goes into the making of the Tapped Out Small Batch is collected by hand. I believe that collecting pure sap by hand rather than through vacuum lines, and not forcing the sap through a reverse osmosis system results in better tasting maple syrup. 

maple syrup

rich in colour

Filled with soot and ash, I filter each batch a minimum of four times so you are left with the smoothest possble maple syrup. 

the rule of 68 brix

Every batch of Tapped Out Small Batch is cooked to a minimum of           68 brix (% sugar), some batches have been known to reach up to 75 brix. This results in more concentrated flavours and a much thicker product. 

coveted around the world

The Tapped Out Small Batch has a taste unlike any other maple syrup available. This is why it has a cult like following around the world. 

Are you still curious about the making of Tapped Out? Well there is a whole page that explains the entire process.

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