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There are a lot of people who all help to create the graeme foers co. From stores who sell the products, to the people who photograph them. They are all a big part in creating the brand. 

Steven Kim

Steven Kim is simply a brilliant photographer. Who knew that working together in advertising would lead to what it has, creating some amazing photos together. His abilities in art direction shine through when we work together. There is a lot that goes into creating great photos, and its starts with the eye behind the lens. 


Sara May - True Nature Media

Sara's works is best viewed via the Tapped Out video. She is truly talented behind the lens, and really easy to work with. She is always up for trying anything and has had her fair share of early mornings to capture the magical light. shooting with honey bees is not always easy, but Sara never complains, and always shoots my better side, when the other half is swelling from being stung. 


Craig Lawrence

Craigs' work can bee seen everywhere. From the logos to the labels, Craig has helped curate the beautiful branding throughout the graeme foers co. If anyone is in need of graphic design work, a brand refresh, or simply a fresh take on cards, Craig is your guy.

Creemore 100 Mile Store

The 100 Mile Store was the first ever shop too carry my products. I walked in, syrup in hand, and sampled it with Jackie and Sandra. They were sold upon first sample and that was it, they have been carrying both Tapped Out & Naked Bee Honey ever since. They are probably the coolest little grocery store I have ever been in. If you want something special, they have it.

Located on the main street in creemore. 176 Mill St. 


Muttonhead is an awesome Toronto destination. Their entire lineup is fully designed and made in North America. They are a store for the modern adventurer. From toques to socks, they have it all. Plus an all new home goods store where you can find our products.

Muttonhead BaseCamp 

163 Roncesvalles Ave, 
Toronto, Ontario


Homestead Artisan Bakery

Homestead has quickly become a downtown Barrie staple. They make really really really good sourdough bread. Like really good. On top of that you can enjoy anyone of their assorted made to order sandwiches. Or grab a coffee to go. Oh, and don't forget to grab some syrup & honey!

The Hive

The coolest part about the hive is that a huge amount of their clients come in via boat. Their dock in Honey Harbour is always busier than their parking lot. They have an amazing Georgian Bay curated collecting from clothing to home goods. It's worth the drive in to Honey Harbour to visit. From the spa, to the in-house coffee shop, to ice cream on the dock. 

Open May 24 - Thanks Giving

New location in Collingwood coming soon!