All 2022 Tapped Out Batches No. 1-8

The Graeme Foers Co.

 All of the 2022 batches. A collection for the Tapped Out lover, and someone who wants to taste the unique difference between batches.

Tasting notes:

Batch No. 1: Maple Sugar on the nose. Burst of maple to start leading to a smooth caramel finish. 

Batch No. 2: This is pure maple flavour at its finest. 

Batch No. 3: Hints of fire mixed with maple and burnt marshmallow. This is an excellent expression of how my unique cooking process influences the flavours. 
Batch No. 4: A classic maple flavour with a long maple finish. 
Batch No. 5 has a hint of Creme Brûlée. The first batch to drift into the dark it is a great blend of dark and amber tones. 
Batch No. 6.  Batch No. 06: Welcome to the dark side. Do not buy this unless you like very dark syrup. Bursting with molasses and burnt caramel flavours. 

Batch No. 7: A warm nose of smokey molasses. It starts off with molasses off the top but then transitions to a spicy hint of cardamom mixed with coffee finish.
Batch No. 8 was the last batch cooked this year. Very unique flavours of dark syrup, I honestly have never tasted a batch like this in my life.  

8 x 200 ml bottles


Category: 2022 maple syrup, small batch, smokey, traditional

Type: maple syrup