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All 2020 Tapped Out Batches No. 1-8

The Graeme Foers Co.

 All of the 2020 batches. A collection for the Tapped Out lover, and someone who wants to taste the unique difference between batches.

Sara's Tasting notes:

Batch No. 1. Tangy, medium light, smokey, aromatic, CARAMEL!

Batch No. 2. Velvety, Like smooth liqueur, whiskey at the beginning, toffee, 

Batch No. 3. Vanilla, tip of the tongue sweetness, very sweet, not as earthy

Batch No. 4. Medicinal herbs, almost a sour sweetness

Batch No. 5. BLAST! of citrus, fruity, heavy fried fruit like dates, powerful (love this one!!)

Batch No. 6. Cardamom bouquet, floral, smokey, mayyyybe coriander

Batch No. 7. Okay have you ever had an Italian cake called a Panatone? This one tastes just like it. Kinda like a vanilla liqueur, sharp bite of sweetness

Batch No. 8. Lighter, standard / original maple syrup flavour, not too sweet - nice!

The tasting notes for each batch are available on their separate product pages.

8x200 ml bottle

Collections: 2020 Tapped Out Small Batch

Category: 2020 maple syrup

Type: maple syrup

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