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All 2021 Tapped Out Batches No. 1-7

The Graeme Foers Co.

 All of the 2021 batches. A collection for the Tapped Out lover, and someone who wants to taste the unique difference between batches.

Tasting notes:

Batch No. 1. Smooth maple with hints of vanilla and a touch of smoke.

Batch No. 2. Waves of flavours from spices to a maple finish.

Batch No. 3. Hint of smoke off the start with a long smooth maple finish.

Batch No. 4. Heavy smoke with almost a savoury flavour.

Batch No. 5. Strong smooth dark syrup tones with hints of toffee and molasses.

Batch No. 6. Classic dark syrup with maple and caramel tones.

Batch No. 7. Hints of molasses off the start leading to a spicy cardamom and coffee finish.

7x200 ml bottle

Collections: 2021 Tapped Out Small Batch

Category: 2021 maple syrup

Type: maple syrup

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