All 2023 Tapped Out Batches No. 1-9

The Graeme Foers Co.

 All of the 2023 batches. A collection for the Tapped Out lover, and someone who wants to taste the unique difference between batches.

Tasting notes:

Batch No. 1: Beautiful notes of caramel and maple sugar with subtle hints of smoke. 

 Batch No. 2: This is pure maple flavour at its finest. 

Batch No. 3: Strong notes of maple to start finishing with a burn toffee finish.

Batch No. 4: Buttery soft caramel flavours dance on your tongue. 

Batch No. 5: Burnt caramel mixed with toffee. Hugely flavourful.

Batch No. 6.  Caramel with toffee shifting to slight molasses this is a beautiful flavoured syrup.

Batch No. 7: This is a classic very dark syrup with strong notes of molasses. 
Batch No. 8  Molasses mingle with smoke to finish. 

Batch No. 9  unusually light for a late syrup. Smokey earth notes mingle with maple. 

9 x 200 ml bottles


Category: 2022 maple syrup, small batch, smokey, traditional

Type: maple syrup