Lost Meadows Apothecary- Honey Hair Mask and/or Scalp and Root Serum

Lost Meadows Apiaries and Meadery

The serum is made with nourishing oils, this serum leaves your roots and scalp feeling nourished. The essential oils are specially formulated to help with itching, dryness hair growth and strength. This serum can be applied 5-15 minutes before being washed off, or can be applied at night and washed off in the morning. Spray and rub into roots and scalp. There are at least 10-15 applications in the bottle. 

Treat your hair to honey! The hair mask is made with nourishing raw honey and oils, this mask leaves your hair feeling silky and replenished. Orange and Rosemary essential oils help with hair and root health, shine and growth. Apply to damp hair in the shower or bath and wash off with soap after 5-15 minutes. Can be paired with the scalp serum for extra benefits. Depending on hair length, there are at least 5 applications in the jar. 

Both products can be paired together for extra benefits. 


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