Meadow No. 1 Apple Blossom & Dandelion Honey

The Graeme Foers Co.

Tasting notes of smooth creamy toffee with hints of apple coming through. This is sure to be one of the more unique tasting honeys you have tried. This honey will arrive crystallized. It is best enjoyed this way as re-liquifying will remove some of its unique flavours. 

This apple blossom & dandelion honey is very difficult to create. The honey bee colonies have to be exceptionally strong in the spring to be able to store excess honey for us to enjoy. 

Meadow No. 1 is our home meadow. Located along the Nottawasaga river corridor, the bees fly up and down the river collecting nectar from the forests that border it. Along with the river corridor, we have our one acre flower farm. The bees are in the field all summer collecting from all of the different flowers blooming every day. 

500g jar. Raw, unfiltered, cold extracted. 

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