Lost Meadows Apothecary- Green Goddess Honey Bath Jar

Lost Meadows Apiaries and Meadery

Treat yourself to a nourishing green goddess bath, perfect for skin health and helps with cramps. 

Made with raw, unfiltered honey which is full of rdejuvinative vitamins and mineral, honey helps get rid of dead skin cells and helps boots collagen levels. 

Green Tea help to infuse your bathwater with antioxidants while also reducing inflammation and helping to balance your skin.

Spirulina is incredible for dull and congested skin as it gently detoxifies and encourages cell renewal.

Jasmin flower petals help with pain relief and menstrual cramps. 

Pink Himalayan sea salt helps to detoxify the body and soften the skin, stimulates circulation and is full of minerals. 

Epsom Salt's high magnesium content works to relax uterine muscles contracting and offer cramping and pain relief

Nettle is full of minerals, is skin nourishing and helps calm skin irritations.

Eucalyptus leaves have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can help to soothe the skin and reduce stress

Organic Oat Powder moisturizes skin while reducing skin inflammation and itchiness.

Bath Jars hold 4-6 baths and come with 4 reusable bath bags for easy clean up. 


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