Lost Meadows Apothecary- Honey and Salts Bath Jar

Lost Meadows Apiaries and Meadery

This triple salt blend and honey is the perfect combo for just about anyone. This mess free relaxing bath is oil free and contains a beautiful salt blend for maximum benefits.

Made with raw, unfiltered honey which is full of rdejuvinative vitamins and mineral, honey helps get rid of dead skin cells and helps boots collagen levels. 

Epsom Salt relaxes muscles, helps with inflammation and promotes stress relief with its easily absorbed levels of magnesium. 

Pink Himalayan sea salt helps to balance pH in the body, helps with inflammation and pain relief and skin health.

Dead Sea Salt is rich in Potassium which is essential for skin hydration and cell turnover, and also contains  calcium which balances sebum levels

Contais 4-6 baths. 


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