Lost Meadows small cut comb

The Graeme Foers Co.

A note on shipping: This comb may break apart a small amount in shipping. 

A note on ordering: I will be shipping the current cut comb shelf I am pulling from in the freezer. There for I cannot say which meadow your comb will comb from. However I can promise it will be good. 

Honey comb is arguably the oldest way to enjoy honey and is how most beekeepers enjoy it while working with the bees on a hot summer day. This honey comb is foundation-less which means it did not have the centre wax sheet for the bees to start on. The bees at Lost Meadows built this entirely on their own. 

Uses: Honey comb is the star of any charcuterie board when on it. Cut one cell width and place on top of your favourite cheddar and enjoy. When honey comb is eaten with other food you do not notice any wax at all. 

>200g box of comb


Category: Honey

Type: Unknown Type